Health & wellbeing sensors

Medication dispenser/reminder

The medication unit only dispenses medication at set times and lets the alarm response centre know if you have forgotten to take it.

Bed and chair occupancy sensors

If someone has been out of their bed or chair for a long time, the occupancy sensor will let us know.

Enuresis sensor

Placed between a mattress and a top sheet, this sensor can detect moisture.

Ambient temperature sensors

These detect both extreme heat and cold. They could help identify if there is a fire or if a door has been left open or boiler broken.

DDA wrist pager

Our DDA wrist pager instantly notifies an on-site carer or parent to alerts from linked sensors or a personal alarm.

Bed shaker

A bed shaker placed under the pillow vibrates to wake and alert you that an alarm that has been triggered elsewhere in the property, such as an epilepsy sensor in a child’s bed, or a smoke alarm.

Care assist pager

Our care assist pager notifies an on-site carer to instant alerts from linked sensors or a personal alarm.

Epilepsy bed sensor

These are used to detect seizures whilst in bed. They are able to detect movements that are associated with a tonic clonic type seizure.