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Posted on: 21/02/2020

Press your pendant

If you have an accident or emergency in your home, you can press the button on your red button personal alarm or the base unit to call for help. If you have fallen then our fall detectors may automatically sense that you have fallen and contact our alarm response centre within a few seconds. The falls detector can detect if someone has fallen based on a pattern of movement, impact and sudden stillness. Once a fall has been detected, it will alert our response centre. Using advanced technology, the falls detector automatically detects falls in the home using a pressure sensor. It works with an innovative algorithm which measures the loss of altitude and speed, so can detect if a person falls. You are also able to raise an alert directly from the device by pressing the button on the falls detector.


We answer

Within a very short time, our care team will begin communication through your loudspeaker base unit. Your call handler will then assess your situation to get the most appropriate help. We will already have your personal information on file so that help can be sent as soon as we identify the nature of your accident.


Help is on the way

Once your situation has been assessed, we will organise the most appropriate help. This could be assistance from individuals nearby, nominated by you when you join Progress Lifeline. Or, if you have opted into our emergency home response service we can send out one of our responders to check on you and use their specialist lifting chair to get you back up if you have fallen or if for any reason we cannot speak to you to identify your wellbeing. We will also call the emergency services if your situation requires immediate medical attention. When we need to call the emergency services we can pass on your information to them quickly and efficiently such as your name, address, any allergies you may have and your key safe number and location. We will also notify your contacts of the situation.



In times of distress, reassurance can play a huge role in keeping you calm and reducing the risk of further injury. That’s why, where possible we will stay on the line with you until help arrives. Our team are trained to reduce stress and anxiety whilst you wait for help. To ensure you get the help you need, our team will have provided all the information about your situation to those attending, so you can be assisted immediately upon their arrival – with no time wasted. Our emergency home responders are fully trained and will carry out an injury assessment on arrival and wait with you until additional help arrives if needed.


In the event of an activation call to our 24/7 alarm response centre. The operator will:

  • try to speak to you through the alarm unit’s built-in microphone and loudspeaker without the need for you to lift the telephone handset
  • if we hear no response, we will call your mobile or landline, to try and get in contact with you in case you are out of hearing reach to the base unit such as in the garden
  • further call the best person to help you — this could be a neighbour, relative, friend or the emergency services if a telecare alarm such as smoke alarm is triggered
  • we can also send a member of our emergency home response team who'll come and help you up from the floor


In addition to our personal alarms and fall detectors, we also have many telecare sensors to help assist those with additional needs. These sensors can all be linked to you Progress Lifeline service and automatically activate a call to our 24/7 alarm response sensor if one is triggered.

This range includes smoke alarms, extreme temperature monitors, carbon monoxide alarms, medication reminders, flood detectors, door sensors and many more that you can view here:

For more information about the Progress Lifeline service watch some of our explanation videos here : 


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