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Discreet wireless sensors

...there when you need them

Our range of discreet wireless sensors are worn or placed in the home and detect situations which may be unsafe. The sensors call for help for you without you having to do anything.

From flooding to fire risk, epileptic seizures or falls, our telecare sensors support health conditions, disabilities or day-to-day independent living and provide peace of mind and confidence for all the family.

Bed shaker

A bed shaker placed under the pillow vibrates to wake and alert you that an alarm that has been triggered elsewhere in the property, such as an epilepsy sensor in a child’s bed, or a smoke alarm

Bed and chair occupancy sensors

If someone has been out of their bed or chair for a long time, the occupancy sensor will let us know

Bogus caller alarms

This helps vulnerable people who are often targeted by criminals and bogus callers by connecting their intercom to the response centre

Carbon monoxide alarms

Our response centre will be notified if carbon monoxide is detected

Care assist pager

Our care assist pager notifies an onsite carer to instant alerts from linked telecare sensors or a personal alarm

DDA wrist pager

Our DDA wrist pager instantly notifies an onsite carer or parent to alerts from linked telecare sensors or a personal alarm


When pressed by a visitor the doorbell connects to a telecare receiver inside your house such as the flashing beacon or care assist watch to alert you someone at the door

Epilepsy sensors

These are used to detect seizures whilst in bed. They monitor vital signs, sending an alarm to a parent/carer or the monitoring centre when a seizure is detected

Extreme temperature detectors

These detect both extreme heat and cold. They can tell us if there is a fire or if a door has been left open or boiler broken

Falls detectors

If someone has fallen then this automatically connects them to the response centre

Flashing beacon for the hard of hearing or deaf

This alarm gives visual cues to alert you of a fire, visitor, phone call and can be hooked up to a baby monitor

Flood detector

Flood detectors tell us when taps have not been switched off, preventing injury and damage

Heat detector

A battery powered sensor that alerts when temperatures reach more than 58 degrees Celsius

Medication reminder prompts

The medication unit only dispenses medication at set times and lets us know if you have forgotten to take it

Movement / inactivity monitor

A passive infrared monitoring device which detects movement. Inactivity triggers an alert

Property exit sensors

Property exit sensors tell us if someone has left their home and not returned

Smoke detector

Our response centre will be notified if smoke or fire is detected

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