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"With Progress Lifeline, I feel safe as I can get help quickly"

Posted on: 23/02/2021

The situation

Mr and Mrs B are both 90 years old and live together in their home in Fleetwood. The couple became Progress Lifeline customers 12 months ago after they both started having falls in the home, from which they were, on the most part, uninjured, but were unable to get up or to help each other up. “I’d be leaning over, trying to pick something up, and my legs would just give” says Mrs B. “Or I’d see my husband walking past and then suddenly, he’d just fall.”

The Progress Lifeline solution

As Progress Lifeline customers, Mr and Mrs B both wear a pendant around their neck, which they wear all day, every day. The lifeline unit is plugged into their telephone line and connects to the Progress Lifeline alarm response centre 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They also have the Progress Lifeline Emergency Home Response service, so if they fall and are uninjured, they can press their pendant, and the Progress Lifeline alarm response centre will send a trained Emergency Home Responder to their home within an hour to help them back up.

Mrs B says: “We would really miss the Progress Lifeline and Emergency Home Response Service should we not have them. We’ve never found any faults with the service at all and we trust the responders who have all been very friendly and helpful. With Progress Lifeline, I feel safe as I can get help quickly.”


The Progress Lifeline and Emergency Home Response service have enabled Mr and Mrs B to continue to live in their own home independently and safely, with increased peace of mind for them and their family. Strain on the ambulance service has also been reduced as they are no longer called out to the couple for falls without injury.

Progress Lifeline will continue to help the couple by referring them to the Falls Prevention Team, who will provide support to Mr and Mrs B which should lead to a reduction of falls. Progress Lifeline will also regularly assess the couple’s needs and suggest further telecare sensors which may help, such as a Falls Detector, which automatically triggers an alarm call to the alarm response centre without the need for the wearer to physically press the button.

If you’d like to know more about how Progress Lifeline can benefit you, call us on 03333 204 999 or email us at lifeline@progressgroup.org.uk.