Tips to keep safe and warm during winter strolls

Posted on: 21/12/2021

If you decide to take a walk in winter, here are our tips for staying safe and warm in cooler climates:

1. Warm up
Do a few gentle stretches before you set off to warm up.

2. Dress in layers
Multiple light layers can help keep your body insulated while allowing heat to circulate throughout your body without overheating. Your first layer should be moisture-wicking, then add a light fleece layer; this should then keep you warm.

3. Don’t forget your hat, gloves and scarf
Ensure you keep more vulnerable areas of your body, such as ears and hands, protected by wearing a waterproof hat and gloves. The cold air could agitate your lungs - wrap a scarf over your nose and mouth to prevent the icy sting in the air.

4. Look at your shoes
You'll need to keep your feet warm and dry when you're walking in the cold. One option is a flexible athletic shoe that has a water-resistant and wind-resistant upper. Another option is a light hiking boot or good old-fashioned Wellington boots.

5. Wear bright colours
Winters are known for being dark. Combat this by wearing bright clothing and reflective gear to ensure others see you walking.

6. Pick a safe route
Make sure you choose a familiar route which is well-lit.

7. Recover afterwards
Ensure you properly rest afterwards. When you return home, have a hot drink and food to replenish your energy and to warm up. Once you have warmed up, you could take a warm bubble bath or hot shower - this will help protect your muscles from cramping, soreness, and dehydration. You need water in winter as much as in summer, so make sure drink water before, during and after a walk.