The Benefits of Houseplants

Posted on: 5/01/2023

10th January 2022 is Houseplant Appreciation Day.

Low maintenance, easy to care for and a quick way to inject some natural beauty into the home, houseplants not only look good but can help support our health in homes, office, schools and hospitals. Scientific research suggests that indoor plants can have great side effects on our wellbeing. They can also improve indoor air quality as they act as a natural purifier which is especially good for in the colder months where you may not tend to open your windows for fresh air.

Houseplants have been shown to have psychological benefits such as; improved mood, reduced stress levels, and increased worker productivity and attention span.  They can also help with physical health benefits too. One way is by assisting our breathing by releasing oxygen (during photosynthesis) that our bodies inhale. They have also been shown to help reduce blood pressure, fatigue and headaches. Houseplants have been known to exist ever since the early Greeks and Romans starting bringing their plants in from the outdoors. Likewise, the Victorians loved potted palms and the 70s was full of ferns and spider plants.

The benefits of indoor plants may make you consider them a necessity rather than an object of décor. Good health is important for all of us and plants are just a simple way of helping that.

According to studies at the Agricultural University of Norway, using plants indoors decreases the incidences of dry skin, colds, sore throats and dry coughs by increasing moisture levels in the atmosphere through a process known as transpiration. And other research reveals that higher humidity can decrease transmission of the flu virus.

Finally another bonus, according to a University of Michigan study, being around nature can help ease anxiety, and fatigue, whilst also improving concentration and memory. Being “under the influence of house plants” is definitely a way to boost your health this year.

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