Support when living with chronic Illness

Posted on: 19/04/2021

41-year-old Mrs A lives with her 3 children. Following the birth of her daughter, Mrs A began to experience mobility issues and pain. After 3 years of tests, she was diagnosed with MS.

In the past 12 months, Mrs A’s illness has got progressively worse, meaning that she requires a wheelchair to get around the house and a mobility scooter when she goes out. Adaptations such as rails in the bathroom have had to be made to the property, and she now sleeps downstairs.

After an assessment of her needs, it was identified that she would benefit from a personal alarm and telecare service. Mrs A now has the Progress Lifeline pendant and unit, smoke alarms and the Emergency Home Response service, all connected to the control centre 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year.

Recently, Mrs A required the Emergency Response service when she fell while trying to move from an armchair into her wheelchair: “I tried to get back up by myself but just couldn’t. My little boy was concerned about me as I had been on the floor for over an hour and we were all becoming more upset, so he pressed the lifeline button.

The operator answered quickly and was very helpful. They said they would send an Emergency Home Responder out to my house and he arrived very quickly within 15 minutes.

Simon, the Mobile Responder, made sure I was uninjured and used a lifting chair called the Raizer to lift me back up. It was brilliant.”

Mrs A’s old son says: “Knowing that we’ve got a button we can press if Mum falls, and someone will help us, is really good.”

The telecare sensors, Progress Lifeline unit and pendant and the Emergency Home Response service all work together to ensure that Mrs A and her family continue to live together safely in their own home, reducing feelings of worry and panic for the children and providing peace of mind and increased confidence to all the family.

Progress Lifeline and the Emergency Home Response Service is available across Lancashire. To find out how the service could help you, click here.