Staying Hydrated In Hot Weather

Posted on: 13/06/2023

There are plenty of benefits to the sunshine, including its super mood boosting powers but it is important to stay hydrated in the warmer weather.

During hot weather you are at a higher risk of dehydration and illnesses brought on by heat so it is recommended that you drink water even when you don’t feel thirsty. Drinking water helps lower your body temperature and replace the fluid you lose through sweating.

Here are some tips to help keep cool and stay hydrated:

πŸ’§ Drink plenty of water to keep hydrated throughout the day

πŸ‰ Eat fresh fruit and salads with high water content, such as cucumber and watermelon, as another way to keep you hydrated

πŸ‘• Dress in light, loose-fitting clothing and avoid wearing darker colours

🏑 Close blinds/curtains and open windows to keep the house cool

πŸ‘’ Wear a hat that shades your head, neck, ears and face

🌞 Avoid the midday sun and appropriately apply sun cream – sunburn stops your body from cooling down

You can find more information on symptoms of dehydration and advice from the NHS here: