Mrs Parekh's Story

Posted on: 1/01/2020

Mrs Parekh lives in Lancashire in her home of 35 years and started to receive telecare services from Progress Lifeline in May 2016.

Mrs Parekh has a weakness in her right side and is registered partially blind. She currently receives 13 hours of care per week.

A fall in November 2014 left Mrs Parekh hospitalised. Her consultant at the time contacted Lancashire County Council, who made a home visit to Mrs Parekh after her discharge to see if any services could offer help to her. Following an assessment, a representative from Lancashire County Council recommended telecare to Mrs Parekh.

Progress Lifeline received a referral from Lancashire County Council and subsequently arranged an appointment to visit Mrs Parekh’s home. Following a full telecare assessment, which included identifying potential risks and an understanding of Mrs Parekh’s daily activities, our fully trained installer, Lisa, recommended a Lifeline Vi + unit, a falls detector pendant, 2 smoke detectors a Co2 detector and a key safe. Installation took place the same day and Mrs Parekh told us, “I felt that Lisa has gave me new life, Lisa was very polite at all times with me and I fully understood what has been said, thank you so much Lisa”.

Each piece of equipment was tested and Lisa ensured Mrs Parekh knew exactly how to operate them and how to contact our operators who are on hand 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. Our service also provides a Home Responder who can visit in an emergency to help Mrs Parekh.

The telecare equipment Mrs Parekh now has in her home is there to support her independence. Mrs Parekh stated that she was initially concerned about moving around the house following her fall; Mrs Parekh had lived in the house for 35 years and was determined that things would not change. She stated she could not be happier with the service and said, “she feels at peace and feels safe that there are operators at the end of a button, Lifeline does what it says, it saves peoples’ lives”.

Mrs Parekh would phone her family first thing in a morning and then again at night so they could check she was okay but are happy she now has the telecare in case she were to fall during the day when she was alone. She says it has created “peace of mind for her children”.

Mrs Parekh had a fall in her home in August 2016 and her fall detector was activated, she came through to our Alarm Response Centre where one of our operators took the call.

Mrs Parekh explained she had fallen and injured herself, the Operator quickly arranged a 999 ambulance for her and stayed on the line until medical help arrived. Mrs Parekh said, “The Operator was very helpful and wonderful for staying on the line so I knew somebody was looking out for me”. She also added, “People don’t realise how important it is, it really is a lifeline”.

Mrs Parekh agreed to share her story as she feels very strongly that this service may help other people in Lancashire who may be vulnerable.

Watch Mrs Parekh's story here:

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