“The Progress Lifeline personal pendant alarm saved my life”

Posted on: 21/10/2021

The situation
Mr Hill, 77, credits the personal pendant alarm from Progress Lifeline with helping to save his life when he suffered a heart attack recently when he was alone at home.

“I was walking from my kitchen into my front room when I suddenly collapsed. I didn’t know what had caused me to fall, or what was happening but I knew I needed to get to my pendant alarm which was on my chair. I managed to crawl a few feet and press the button and the last thing I remember is a voice telling me an ambulance was on its way. The next thing I know, I’m lying in the back of an ambulance on my way to the hospital. I knew it must be serious when I could see the lights flashing and reflecting in the windows and could hear the sirens going as well”.

Mr Hill didn’t know it but he was having a heart attack. Luckily his Progress Lifeline personal pendant alarm hadn’t been too far from where he fell, and he had managed to reach out and press it for help, before losing consciousness before the paramedics arriving.

Mr Hill was taken to Blackpool Victoria Hospital where he underwent cardiac surgery and he is now recovering well at home.

The Progress Lifeline solution
Mr Hill became a Progress Lifeline customer a few years ago after he became ill and required hospital treatment. Since then Mr Hill has had a few falls at home and has been diagnosed with severe asthma. He experiences regular asthma attacks requiring hospital intervention and says that he has found the Progress Lifeline personal pendant alarm invaluable in these emergencies when he has needed help quickly.

Mr Hill has lived alone for over 12 years since he sadly lost his wife. His two sons and their families live elsewhere in the UK and with their dad’s new health conditions, they were concerned about their dad living on his own and asked him to get a personal pendant alarm for his safety and peace of mind for all the family.

The Progress Lifeline personal pendant safety alarm results in:

  • faster response to medical emergencies
  • a greater chance of recovery from serious health emergencies
  • peace of mind for Mr Hill and his family

Mr Hill himself admits that he can be a little bit stubborn and doesn’t always do what he’s told – like wearing his pendant alarm all the time at home. But he says that if being part of a case study for Progress Lifeline can help and encourage other people like him to wear their red button personal pendant or wristband alarms, then he’d like to tell his story.

When he’s fully recovered he’s looking forward to seeing his family more often and playing with his two young grandsons, returning to driving and working on his garden.

After returning home from the hospital, Mr Hill rang our Progress Lifeline Monitoring Centre: “I have no doubt about it, I would not be alive today without your quick response – and I’d like to say ‘Thank You’.”

If you would like more information about the lifeline pendant, please click here. You can also call us on 03333 204 999 or email us at lifeline@progressgroup.org.uk.