Lynda and Ron's story

Posted on: 21/11/2019

Lynda is a retired nurse from Lancashire. Three years ago she suffered a stroke, leaving her requiring full-time care from her newly retired husband. This event was life-changing for the couple, who were looking forward to enjoying their independence and retirement together. After looking after other people throughout her long nursing career, Lynda now found herself requiring care and support.

The situation

The effects of the stroke left Lynda experiencing regular blackouts, which culminated in her breaking her wrist and thumb when she fell and left her extremely worried and anxious when she was alone at home in case it should happen again. Extra pressure was put on the family as someone always had to be at home with Lynda in case she should fall or become unwell.

Last year, while attending a stroke support group, Lynda met Progress Lifeline, who told her about personal pendant alarms and telecare sensors which could help Lynda live safely and independently at home, and would provide peace of mind to the couple.

The Progress Lifeline solution

After an assessment of her needs, Progress Lifeline provided Lynda with a personal pendant alarm and a falls detector which automatically connects to the control centre if it detects the wearer has fallen, without the need to physically press the button.

Lynda was also anxious about answering the door when she is alone at home and so a bogus caller button was installed at the side of the front door, which allows her to press it should she feel vulnerable and the Progress Lifeline control centre can listen in to make sure she is safe.

A KeySafe was installed at the side of the house so that the couples’ family and the emergency services can access the house in an emergency.


  • Less anxiety and worry for the couple
  • Immediate alert in the event of a fall
  • Respite for carer/husband
  • Greater confidence and independence for service-user

“As we don’t have any family living nearby, Progress Lifeline gives us both peace of mind if I were to need emergency help, and gives me more confidence when I’m home alone”, Lynda says.

She adds, “Having the Progress Lifeline service has given me back my independence. I’m able to have a shower on my own and I feel safe when my husband goes out because I know I’m not on my own - help is available at the touch of the button. I can’t thank the team enough, they really have changed our lives. We’d be lost without the Progress Lifeline service”.

Lynda’s husband is now able to leave the house for short periods of time, giving him respite and reassurance that help is available for Lynda while he is out, should she need it, “As a carer, before we had access to the Progress Lifeline service, I sometimes felt I’d lost my independence as I couldn’t leave the house without worrying and rushing back home. Now, I have been able to re-establish some social activities and feel so much better knowing that help is always on hand for my wife and they can contact me if I’m needed. It means I can go out with peace of mind”.

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