Kathryn Scott meets with Radio Leyland to talk all things Progress Lifeline

Posted on: 13/12/2022

Kathryn Scott (Kat), Head of Business Development, spoke all things Progress Lifeline to Graham Lockwood during Brian Ashman’s breakfast segment on Radio Leyland on Tuesday 6th December 2022.

During the interview, Kat talked about how telecare from Progress Lifeline supports and older and more vulnerable people to live independently in their own homes.

Talking about our products and services, Graham asked Kat what other equipment Progress Lifeline can provide in addition to a traditional pendant alarm. Kat explained, “Whilst many people are familiar with the ‘panic button’, they’re not aware of the wide variety of other products… such as a smoke detector and gas detector, and whilst they would operate in the way you would expect in the house, they’ll also send a message through that to our central unit so that our (Alarm Response) Centre will know.

“For people that might suffer from falls, we also do automatic fall detectors, so people don’t have to press a button. It’s a clever device that can be worn either around the neck or on the wrist. Similarly in terms of falls, we do bed exit monitors, so we’ll know if somebody’s got up and hasn’t got back into bed within a certain amount of time.”

Speaking about our Emergency Home Response and assistive lifting service, “Particularly with ambulance wait times publicised at the moment being at record-high levels. We have a lot of service users that have fallen and are uninjured; so, our qualified Emergency Home Responders will go out, carry out an assessment and if they’re certain somebody is uninjured and they’re safe to lift, we will use our lifting chair and equipment to get them back on their feet.”

To listen to the interview in full, click here. Please note, Kat's interview starts at 27 minutes, 47 seconds.