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Posted on: 10/11/2019

If you have family or friends who are living alone or vulnerable, you may often worry or fear for their health and safety.

At Progress Lifeline, we provide a range of telecare sensors that can be installed in homes to protect those who live alone or are vulnerable in any way. Our products are designed to sense danger in the home and identify the need for assistance. These sensors are all linked to our 24/7 Alarm Response Centre where our extremely friendly and helpful team will check you are safe and call the appropriate help if needed.

  • Always wear your pendant
  • Don’t worry if you press it by mistake – when the operator answers your call just tell them that you are ok and they can close the call.
  • You will be able to make incoming & outgoing calls as normal
  • You should inform the Alarm Response Centre immediately if there are any changes to the information that the call centre holds about you.

Calling For Help

  • Press the red button on your pendant or falls detector (if you fall your falls detector should automatically call for help)
  • Press the large red illuminated red button on your Lifeline unit.

Talking to our Alarm Response Centre

  • The Alarm Response Centre operator will listen and talk to you ‘ hands-free’ using the powerful microphone and speaker built into your Progress Lifeline base unit.

What happens next?

  • One of the operators in our Alarm Response Centre will try to talk to you to find out what is happening with you.
  • If you can talk to us we will take action based on what you have told us – this may involve contacting a friend, family member or the emergency services. One of the benefits of the Progress Lifeline service is that we will be to call the emergency services for you and let them know your details, consequently saving you time and hassle.
  • If you cannot talk to us we will first call you back by phone and if you do not answer we will contact your emergency key-holders or one of our home responders if you have opted into our Emergency Home Response Service, ask them to go round and let us know what is happening so that we can take action.

What happens if your telephone line is faulty or disconnected?

  • If the telephone line is faulty or becomes disconnected your Progress Lifeline unit or pendant will not be able to make any calls to our Progress Lifeline Alarm Response Centre.
  • A warning bleep will sound after 1 minute. This will be repeated every second until the telephone line becomes available again.
  • If it is a fault on your telephone line you will need to report this to your telephone provider so that they can fix the fault.
  • If the lifeline has been disconnected from the telephone line socket it will need to reconnect it.

What happens if there is a power failure?

  • If there is a power failure to the whole of your home or the socket that your Progress Lifeline base unit is plugged into it will continue to work on the battery back up located within the unit. The large red illuminated button on your Progress Lifeline base unit will flash repeatedly and a warning bleep will sound 10 times.
  • If there is no power to your Lifeline for more than 1 hour it will automatically call our Alarm Response Centre. This will continue to happen every 4 hours until power has been restored.

Compliments, Comments & Complaints

We would like to hear from you if you wish to comment about how the service is provided and how it can be improved. Please email or call 03333 204 999.

Call us now on 03333 204 999 to find out how our service can benefit you, or your loved one, giving you the freedom to live life to the full.

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