Help at home during recovery after a stroke

Posted on: 15/05/2021

The situation

Mrs Rawe had recently suffered a stroke and been admitted to hospital. She was keen to go back home but, as her mobility had been affected, she knew it would be difficult for her husband to look after her all on his own.

After hearing about how personal pendant alarms help support independence at home after being discharged from hospital, Mrs Rawe enquired about Progress Lifeline’s telecare and personal pendant alarm services.

The Progress Lifeline solution

“After I called them, Progress Lifeline came out to see me a few days later and installed all the equipment I needed there and then, it was so simple.”

When Mrs Rawe fell at home and her husband was unable to help her up, they pressed the personal pendant alarm. Within 40 minutes a Progress Lifeline emergency home responder arrived, conducted an injury assessment to ensure that Mrs Rawe was unhurt and established that an ambulance was unnecessary. With the use of a specialist lifting chair, the responder supported Mrs Rawe back onto her feet.

A week later Mrs Rawe fell again and pressed her pendant alarm. A mobile responder was with her within 30 minutes, however this time they were concerned as she had hit her head during her fall. The responder called for an ambulance to attend before supporting Mrs Rawe to sit and wait comfortably.

Progress Lifeline emergency home responders are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and trained in injury assessment, first aid, moving and handling and assistive lifting techniques. They carry lifting equipment including the Raizer electronic lifting chair.

They also complete referrals to NHS falls teams across Lancashire who provide further support to prevent and manage falls in the home.


Side effects from the stroke mean that Mrs Rawe falls frequently and uses the Progress Lifeline personal pendant alarm to request an emergency home responder.

“It’s a wonderful system” says Mrs Rawe, “it not only gives me peace of mind, but also my husband, friends and family too. It really is a lifeline.

It makes you feel safe in your own home and allows your family to go out without worrying, knowing that you’ve got a button to press for help should anything happen whilst they are out.

I never thought I would need anything like this but I’m so grateful to have it now. The response has always been quick and efficient, and the responders have put me at ease every time. It really is a brilliant service.”

  • Respite for carers/family
  • Peace of mind for all the family
  • Reduced ambulance call-outs for non-injured falls

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