Four reasons you need an automatic medication dispenser

Posted on: 2/09/2021

With around half the UK population regularly taking prescription medications, the need for proper use of these medications is paramount to the health of the nation and its people. A key component of living independently for many people is being able to effectively manage their prescribed medication. Mismanagement of medication, particularly in older people, can result in avoidable hospitalisations and care home entries.

Using an automatic medication dispenser will go a long way in preventing mismanagement of medication. It helps to organise tablets in advance and dispense them at the prescribed times. They can be filled by a pharmacist or a caretaker.

Let’s take a look at other associated benefits of medication dispensers:

Easy-to-use and time-saving

Labels on medication packaging, as well as the small information leaflets included, are often in printed in a small font size which can be difficult to read. This can often result in a lot of time being spent reading large volumes of information. With an automated medication dispenser, the pills can be loaded once for a long period. This saves time and takes away frustration.

Extra safety measure around children and pets

Despite safety caps, older children or vulnerable people may still be able to open bottled medicines. Also, if your pills accidentally fell on the floor, your pet or young child could potentially eat them. This can have serious, and even deadly repercussions. Once the tablets are loaded into the dispenser, they are locked in and can’t fall out. Most of them are tamper-proof and can’t be easily damaged. The risk of children or pets consuming the tablets is much more controlled.

Reminds the patient to take the right dose, of the right medication, at the right time

Across all medicines, it has been estimated that up to 75% of people do not take their medicines properly, with many of those thought to forget to take their medication. Forgetfulness is not only common among older people, anyone can forget to take their medication. An automatic medication dispenser helps you remember. When the medication is not taken at the right time, the dispenser will flash and beep. The user will then receive a phone reminder. If the patient still doesn’t take their medication, all caregivers will be alerted.


Automatic medication dispensers reduce the workload of caregivers, as well as giving them peace of mind. It also gives patients freedom from having to rely on another person for their medication several times a day.

Life can be complicated enough, you shouldn’t have to worry about medication as well. An automatic medication dispenser makes your life easy by reminding you and ensuring that you take the right medication, in the right dose, at the right time. To find out more about automatic medication dispensers, click here.