"He feels more confident when he is out as he knows if he falls he can just press the button”

Posted on: 9/09/2021

The situation

Rod was diagnosed with Alzheimer's two years ago, which was a shock to him and his wife Pam, as they thought Rod’s increasing memory loss was just part of getting older. 

Not long after diagnosis, the couples’ lifestyle changed radically. Pam, who works full time, now has to help Rod dress, and prepare his breakfast, flask and lunch before she leaves for work as he is now unable to do this himself.

They used to enjoy weekends away and holidays - both together and separately, but Pam can no longer leave Rod on his own at home. Rod, a keen gardener who was used to living healthily and independently, has had to give up driving and many of his DIY and outdoor activities, but he was really keen to continue his daily walk with his dog Bobby.

The Progress Lifeline solution

Pam and Rod have been given a mobile Lifeline device called the ‘Footprint’ which is a small fob worn around the neck, to be used inside and outside the home to provide reassurance and safety whilst still allowing independence and freedom.

The Footprint features a one-press SOS button, as well as falls detection and GPS tracking for instant location in case of emergency. Pressing the SOS button just once contacts Progress Lifeline’s 24 hour alarm response centre who listen and speak with you via the mobile phone style two-way speech in the fob and call your family or the emergency services if you need help. The GPS tracker enables us to find you if you are lost.

Pam said, “When we first saw the Footprint we both thought what a great idea this was and a confidence boost for Rod both in and out the house. Before we had the Footprint, Rod fell while walking our dog Bobby down by the river. He was confused and hurt and he was lucky that someone came to help him. The fall knocked his confidence though, and he was reluctant to take Bobby for walks for a while in case he fell again. The Footprint fob would have helped him immensely in this circumstance.

"Now we’ve got the Footprint, when Rod’s out walking, he tucks the fob into his jumper so people can’t identify him as vulnerable, and he says that he feels more confident when he is out as he knows if he falls he can just press the button”.


The Footprint has helped Rod feel more confident when he is out walking and allowed him to keep some independence despite the Alzheimer’s. Pam feels reassured when she goes to work knowing that Rod is wearing the Footprint in the house as well as when he goes out. Pam adds, “Rod can’t use a phone anymore, so if he fell in the house he wouldn’t be able to contact me. The only way would be by pressing the fob and getting Progress Lifeline to call me or the emergency services, so in that respect having this is a great confidence booster, and has provided peace of mind to us both”.

If you are interested in finding out more about this device, you can visit www.progresslifeline.org.uk/footprint or please call one of our friendly advisors on 03333 204 999 who will be happy to help.