Ambulance strikes – January 2023

Posted on: 10/01/2023

Ambulance service staff from GMB and Unison trade unions will go on strike again on Wednesday 11th January 2023, with Unison and Unite members taking further action on Monday 23rd January 2023.

While ambulances will still be available on these days, they will only be available for people with life-threatening injuries and illnesses.

Typical emergencies include cardiac arrest, loss of consciousness, fits that aren’t stopping, breathing difficulties, severe bleeding or allergic reactions and serious head injuries.

For non-emergencies, people are recommended to use, their GP or local pharmacy.

As always, Progress Lifeline service users can receive help by activating their pendant alarm.

Expected risks for Progress Lifeline service users

  • We expect a higher volume of calls during the strikes, when service users may be unable to get help from the UK emergency services.
  • We anticipate that any non-emergency ambulance calls will have excessive wait times, but also calling through to the emergency services will take longer.

We are reviewing staffing levels and rotas to accommodate a potential influx of calls in both the Alarm Response Centre and our Emergency Home Response services.

How can service users assist?

  • We ask that service users refrain from testing their lifeline alarms on the Wednesday 11th and Monday 23rd January
  • Ensure your emergency contacts and Next of Kin details are up to date. If you need to make any amends, please contact our customer service team on 03333 204 999
  • Consider having a contact in place, wherever possible, that could take them to a hospital if emergency help is needed on these days.

We are continuously reviewing official information from the relevant authorities and organisations and will amend our plans where necessary.