Analogue to Digital

The Big Switch

The UK's telephone line system is changing

Keeping our customers updated.

In 2017, BT announced that they would be upgrading the current telecoms infrastructure to digital connectivity by 2025. Similar to the switch to digital television that was completed in 2012, this time the UK telephony system is being upgraded to an all-IP digital network.

Although this change will affect all homes and businesses across the UK, we want to let our customers know that we are dedicated to keeping you informed about the digital switch over and what it means for you  as it progresses.

Here is our guide that covers all the important information you may need to know regarding this change.

Why is the digital switchover needed?
The UK telephone network is no longer fit for purpose and needs to be updated and brought in line with other countries such as France, Germany and Sweden to meet current and future demands. Due to the demands on the telephone network BT announced plans for the switchover to take place by 2025.

How will the switchover benefit me?
The change will help make phone calls clearer and connections will be quicker. Maintenance and upgrades to the core telephone system will also be easier - no more digging up the roads. Overall the new digital telephony system will help ensure the UK’s landline telephone services are fit for current and future use.

What does this mean for the telecare industry?
Around 1.7 million vulnerable people rely on telecare in the UK. Much of the existing equipment used in the Telecare industry uses a telephone line to make that connection through to the alarm response centres.  For example; when someone falls and can’t get up, they will most likely press their alarm button. Others will rely on automated sensors in their home to alert their alarm response centre for help and assistance.  The new digital switch over will provide a great opportunity for the industry to introduce new innovative digital technology to assist people even more.

What does it mean for lifeline users?
The Lifeline units currently operate through a traditional analogue home telephone line.

As those telephone lines are slowly switched over to new digital lines, your existing Lifeline unit will need to be replaced with a digital equivalent so you can continue to benefit from our Progress Lifeline services. The equipment replacement may impact on the monthly rental prices. When appropriate, we will guide you through any necessary changes to your equipment or service charges.

What happens next?
These changes may affect the way the lifeline works and so it is important that you notify our alarm response centre of any changes made to your service by your telephone provider.

The lifeline and telecare industry are taking steps to ensure that OFCOM, the UK's communications regulator, are aware of the valuable service a lifeline provides to customers and that this change from analogue to digital may result in the lifeline not activating when pressed.

If your telephone is already plugged into a router then please ring 03333 202 670 to make us aware of the changes. It would be helpful if you also informed us of your telephone provider e.g. BT, Virgin.

Failure to notify Progress lifeline of changes to your telephone line may result in service failure for which we cannot take responsibility.