Stroke strikes every 5 minutes in the UK. It can happen to anyone, of any age, at any time. As we get older our arteries are more likely to become blocked, which could lead to a stroke. However, certain medical conditions and lifestyle factors can speed up the process and increase your risk of having a stroke.

All strokes are different. For some people the effects may be relatively minor and may not last long. Others may be left with more serious, long-term, problems that make them dependent on other people.

A stroke is a medical emergency, the quicker treatment is received, the better the chances for survival and recovery. There are currently 1.3 million stroke survivors in the UK.

To recognise the signs and symptoms of a stroke, remember to BE FAST.

Balance: Sudden loss of balance or coordination
Eyes: Sudden loss or changes to vision in one, or both, eyes
Face: Sudden weakness, or drooping on one side of the face
Arm: Sudden weakness or numbness
Speech: Slurred speech or trouble speaking
Time: Call 999 immediately if you see any of those signs.

Make sure you and your loved ones all know the FAST test. Acting FAST will give the person having a stroke the best chance of survival and recovery. Always call 999 straight away.

How we can help

The effects of a stroke can be varied and may leave you needing more support than you have previously.

At Progress Lifeline, we have a range of telecare solutions to help you feel safe at home, and provide peace of mind to you, and your loved ones.

Our packages can be tailored to suit individual needs and enabling you to recover, and continue to live independently, with help on hand should you need it.

Linked to our 24/7 alarm response centre, we have:

  • Personal alarms giving you reassurance all year round, that help is there at the push of a button
  • Fall detectors which raise an alert straight away even if you can’t talk to us and gives extra assurance that help is on its way even if you can’t reach a phone
  • Emergency Home Response with assistive lifting service
  • Medication reminders/dispensers
  • Plus a range of home safety sensors that will automatically alert us if, for example, a flood or fire is detected and a person is in need of assistance.

Call us today on 03333 204 999 to discuss your needs and how we can support you at home, following a stroke.

A Helping Hand

Our products and plans are tailor made to help you or your loved ones stay safe. Explore the range below and see how Progress Lifeline can assist those with Dementia.

Footprint GPS Alarm & Falls detector Service

The Footprint is a GPS location device, pendant alarm & falls detector all-in-one.

Falls Detector

The Falls Detector is worn like a watch. When a fall is detected, the device automatically connects the wearer to our alarm response centre - no need to even press the button.

Reach IP Digital Alarm unit & pendant

The Reach IP unit comes with a built-in SIM card that will “roam” onto the strongest network. It is also incredibly simple to install.

Emergency Home Response

Add our Emergency Home Response service to any alarm package for just £14.99 per month. Our responders provide 24/7 assistance to you at home if your family and named contacts can’t get there.