Mr B's story

Caring for carers

The situation

Mr Brown* is a carer for his wife who has dementia. He has limited mobility and back pain following a fall. Although his wife is able to wash and dress herself, Mr Brown undertakes cooking and cleaning and provides prompts when his wife needs them. Mr and Mrs Brown are both at risk of falling, and of not being able to respond appropriately in the event of a fire. Mr Brown has also left the gas cooker on for an extended period of time on a couple of occasions.

Sadly, Mr and Mrs Brown’s daughter died at a young age, but their son-in-law visits them weekly. At an assessment meeting, Mr Brown suggested that a carer visit each day would be helpful, but he was unsure of exactly what kind of support he wanted.

The solution

Mr Brown has been given a Falls Detector which will raise an automatic alert if it detects the he has fallen. A smoke detector, natural gas detector and temperature extremes sensor have also been installed, linked to the Lifeline home unit.

The outcome

If Mr Brown was to fall and become incapacitated or require admission to hospital or a nursing home, he would no longer be able to care for his wife. The Falls Detector means that should Mr Brown fall help will be rapidly available, minimising the consequences.

The smoke, gas and temperature extremes sensors will mean that if Mr Brown leaves the gas on or there is a fire in the home an alert will automatically be raised and help despatched.

Mr Brown feels that the telecare package has benefitted him and his wife more than a daily care visit as it provides support 24 hours a day.

*Please note, names have been changed