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Mrs T's story

Mrs T is 92 and her son lives 250 miles away...read more

Mrs A's story

Support when living with Chronic Illness

Mrs S's story

Falling when living alone

Charlotte's story

Doctors are still not sure on a certain diagnosis or a definitive cause for Charlotte’s seizures

Tony and Dawn's story

Dawn, daughter of Progress Lifeline service user Tony, explains how our service has helped not just her dad but the whole family

Andrew and John's story

“It gave us freedom and independence.” Watch our customer case study about how Progress Lifeline’s pendant alarm helped John and his partner Andrew continue to lead life, feeling fully supported should they need any help.

Mr B's story

Caring for carers

Mrs Parekh's Story

After a fall left hospitalised, Mrs Parekh required extra support to continue to live independently in her own home. Watch her tell her story here

Wendy, Peter and Teddy's story

Our service can provide respite for informal carers like Peter and his partner Wendy who says, "It's made a lot of difference to our lives and we can sleep at night - it's a completely different life." Watch Wendy, Peter and their assistance dog Teddy's story here

Ron and Lynda's story

Following a stroke, Lynda required full-time care from her newly-retired husband, Ron. Find out how Progress Lifeline supports them both to maintain their independence.

Customer quote

"To Amy, thank you for helping me this afternoon when I had fallen. I want to let the whole team know that I appreciate them and I was very happy that my contacts were informed of my fall and had phoned me to check I was okay." - Feedback from Mrs W, June 2022

Customer comment

"Thank you for caring for me." - Feedback from Mr T, March 2022.

Customer comment

"Thank you to Kathryn who made a backup call to the ambulance service after my mum said she had already called them. It turns out she hadn't and my dad was having a heart attack. Thank you for going that extra mile and helping my dad - he is now on the mend in hospital and hopefully will be back home soon." - Feedback from Mr J's daughter, February 2022

Customer comment

"Thank you to Paul for calling an ambulance for my grandmother. It had been a battle to get my grandmother to agree to have a Lifeline but she now appreciates it. My grandmother told me that Paul had been 'very nice'." - Feedback from Mrs W's granddaughter, February 2022.

Customer comment

A service user's daughter wanted to thank Caroline for all the help she gave to her mum when she attended a call. She said Caroline did a brilliant job getting her mum cleaned up and looked after her so well. Feb 28th 2021

Customer comment

A service user called to thank alarm response centre operator Gillian for the prompt action she took when his smoke alarm activated. He had fallen after having a stroke and his chair was pushed into the fire which set off the smoke alarm. 25th Feb 2021

Customer comment

A service user called to thank Amie for attending during the night when he activated his alarm. He said Amie was lovely and really appreciated her checking in on him. Jan 25th 2021

Customer comment

"The installation went very well and Lisa was very helpful with mum's needs and gave attention to mum's hearing difficulties at all times during the process." - Sheila C, Burnley. December 2020

Customer comment

"I really appreciate this valuable service. Progress Lifeline really lives up to its name. The service gives me and my family complete peace of mind and enables me to remain living independently in my home." - James S, Blackburn. March 2019

Customer comment

"Having the Progress Lifeline service has given me back my independence. I’m able to have a shower on my own and I feel safe when my husband goes out because I know I’m not on my own – help is available at the touch of the button. I can’t thank the team enough, they really have changed our lives. We’d be lost without this service." - Theresa D, Lancaster. March 2018