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Self Care Week

Self Care Week is an annual national awareness week that focuses on establishing support for self care across communities, families and generations. Empowering individuals to self care has many benefits for their short term and long term health and this is important since people are living longer.

The theme this year is Think Self Care for Life which is suitable for self care messages for all ages and genders and will allow you flexibility to focus on your particular area of self care whether it is prevention, mental well-being, self-treatable conditions, signposting, self-management, antibiotic use or health literacy. 

Here are 5 short articles on how you can self care this week and in the future:

  1. Small changes for a healthier you – Self Care Week

  2. Personal care can help prevent falls – Self Care Week

  3. Antibiotics don’t work on colds or flu – Self Care Week

  4. 8 ways to make self-care a part of every meal - Self Care Week

  5. 6 ways to help cope with anxiety and depression - Self Care Week

We'll be posting more updates and tips on our social media pages so make sure you take a look. Stay happy and healthy.


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