Home & Safety Sensors

Our range of discreet wireless sensors are worn or placed in the home and detect situations which may be unsafe. The sensors call for help without you having to do anything, and provide peace of mind and confidence.

Flashing beacon

This alarm gives visual cues to alert you of a fire, visitor or phone call.

Property exit sensors

Property exit sensors inform our alarm response centre that someone has left their home and not returned.

Heat detector

A battery powered sensor that alerts when temperatures inside the home reach more than 58 degrees Celsius. Early fire detection can save lives.

Flood detector

Flood detectors tell us when taps have not been switched off, preventing injury and damage.

Carbon monoxide alarm

Our alarm response centre will be notified if carbon monoxide is detected.


When pressed by a visitor, the doorbell connects to a telecare receiver inside your home such as the flashing beacon, DDA wrist pager or care assist watch which will alert you of a visitor at the door.

Smoke detector

Our alarm response centre will be notified if smoke or fire is detected.