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Medication reminder prompts

The medication unit only dispenses medication at set times and lets us know if you have forgotten to take it.

Medication reminder prompts

A medication dispenser reminds you by means of an alarm and flashing light when to take your medication. It will make the correct dose available at the correct time of day or night, whilst keeping secure all other pills.

If the user fails to access the medication, an alert is raised to our friendly and helpful staff at our 24-hour monitoring centre.

The medication unit, knows if the user has taken the pills out of the box based on a certain movement of motion. Although, it should be noted the medication unit cannot be sure that the user has swallowed the pills. However, using this dispenser as a prompt is very efficient and effective.

The medication dispenser is for everyone who takes medication, it removes the burden of remembering which tablets to take when. It is also very helpful for older people and those with mental health problems who are prone to poor medication adherence partly due to the number of tablets they take. 

If you are interested in finding out more about this sensor, please call one of our friendly advisors on 03333 204 999 who will be happy to help, or you can fill out our contact form by clicking here, or email and someone will get back to you.

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