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Extreme temperature detectors

These detect both extreme heat and cold. They can tell us if there is a fire or if a door has been left open or boiler broken

Extreme temperature detectors

Our Temperature Extremes Sensor monitors for excessively high and low temperatures and a rapid rate of rise in temperature. It is typically installed on the ceiling or wall in the kitchen to protect people and property against extremes of temperature.

You may want to consider having one of these sensors installed in the home of a loved one who are concerned about being too hot or too cold. Perhaps if someone always complains of being cold and having the heating on even in the warmer months or vice versa they may insist that they don’t need the heating on even in the midst of winter especially if they live alone or concerned about money.

Extreme Temperature detectors work by detecting extremely low and high temperatures and also monitoring the rate of any rise in temperature. Thus a rapid build up of heat in a kitchen will trigger the alarm and call your help centre. Your help centre will know if the alarm has been raised due to an extremely high temperature or low temperature and can take appropriate action. For example, if a rapid rise in heat triggers the alarm then your help centre may call the fire brigade and direct them to your address. If low temperature triggers the alarm then the help centre may contact you and / or your friends and relatives to prompt you to check your heating.

When installing a sensor for monitoring rapid increases in temperature and extremely high temperatures it is recommended that the sensor be installed in the middle of the ceiling (max height 2.6metres), away from doors, windows and light fittings.


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