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Epilepsy sensor

These are used to detect seizures whilst in bed.

Epilepsy sensor

These are used to detect seizures whilst in bed. They monitor vital signs, sending an alarm to a parent/carer or the monitoring centre when a seizure is detected.

Epilepsy sensors are used to monitor people with epilepsy while they sleep. Patented sensor technology detects a person’s movement in bed and is able to differentiate normal movements from epileptic seizures enabling tonic clonic seizures to be detected the moment they occur, ensuring carers can respond quickly if they are needed, but otherwise do not disturb the user’s sleep.


Epilepsy sensors can be used in individual homes or assisted living environments. They are portable and simple to use, supporting carers and protecting users.


The sensor is suitable for use with children as well as adults.



Patented sensor technology - reduces number of false calls

Sensitivity adjustment - enables the adjustment of the sensor to the individual’s requirements

Transmission to Class One receiver ensuring alarms are reliably received

Automatic radio trigger low battery warning - ensures optimum operation


Unobtrusive - minimises user disruption

Plug and play registration - eases programming

Compatible with Lifeline home units and other Tunstall telecare enabled systems

Operates on the dedicated social alarm frequency - for reliable future proof operation


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