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Enuresis Sensor

Enuresis Sensor

Enuresis Sensor

The enuresis sensor is placed between a matress and bed sheet to detect moisture and notify an on-site carer via a pager, wrist watch, flashing beacon or bed shaker or our Control Centre. The sensor can detect involuntary urination or incontinence as soon as an incident occurs, therefore;

  • reducing discomfort to individuals
  • ensures carers can respond quickly
  • helps users by reducing the need for intrusive and undignified checks by carers
  • enable appropriate support to be provided quickly

Enuresis sensors can be used in individual homes or within assisted living environments to support independent living. Enuresis affects approximately 15% of people over 65; in many cases a carer will undertake regular checks throughout the night, which can be labour intensive for paid carers and means broken sleep for informal carers.


If you are interested in finding out more about this sensor, please call one of our friendly advisors on 03333 204 999 who will be happy to help, or you can fill out our contact form by clicking here, or email and someone will get back to you.

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