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Bed Shaker

The bed shaker will alert even a heavy sleeper.

Bed Shaker

A bed shaker is placed under the pillow vibrates to wake and alert you that an alarm that has been triggered elsewhere in the property, such as an epilepsy sensor in a child’s bed, or a smoke alarm

Simply place the bed shaker under your mattress or pillow and the bed shaker will alert even a heavy sleeper. It stays in position when it vibrates, operates at low voltage and easy to place where you want it.

Suitable for those who are hard of hearing or visually impaired, the bed shaker can alert users or carers when a telecare sensor is triggered such as a smoke alarm or doorbell. The bed shaker is a vibrator for indoor use that is placed in the bed to attract the attention of the user via vibrations. The Bed shaker vibrates when instructed to do so by the unit to which it is connected.

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