Progress Lifeline meets strategic milestone in our Analogue to Digital (A2D) Journey.

Posted on: 7/09/2023

We are delighted to announce that we are now live with our digital Alarm Response Centre platform.

Thanks to Enovation’s UMO platform, Progress Lifeline can now fully support all IP, digital, end-to-end services

This is an important strategic milestone for Progress Lifeline, and our ARC is now fully prepared for the Analogue to Digital (A2D) switch of UK telephony networks, which will be completed 2025.

Joanne Bushell, Head of Operations, Progress Lifeline said, “ We required a new digital call handling platform ahead of the A2D switch 2025 completion and this is a key step in our strategic plan to always be ‘Forward Thinking’. Technology is continuing to develop at a fast pace and this significant upgrade means we can offer a much wider range of services and equipment to our customers, ultimately giving them more choice and support in staying independent in their own homes. ”

There are over 300 devices from more than 200 manufacturers certified through the Enovation Partner Program. So this enables us to offer our customers a larger diversity of products and services, ranging from traditional mobile and personal security alarms to a wide range of home automation, telecare and telemedicine applications from a wide range of manufacturers of telecare, telehealth, mobile and video devices.

We will especially be able to further expand our portfolio of proactive monitoring services that we offer.  These all help to support our services users in staying as independent and safer in their own homes as possible for longer. These proactive strategies also reduce the burden on the NHS and wider community health and social care organisations, that are already stretched and under strain.

Barry Stentiford, Technology Development lead said, “The UMO digital Alarm Response Centre call handling platform was a clear choice for Progress Lifeline following a full market review and a thorough extended testing period to ensure it met our stringent TEC quality requirements. This new system means alerts are transmitted much quicker and along with our recent digital telephony upgrade the quality of voice calls compared to analogue is far superior. It is a great step forward in being an ‘All IP’ end to end digital service provider.”  

He continued,  “I would like to say a big thank you to the team at Enovation they made the transition and implementation seamless. Their commitment and support  helped us immensely – they are a great team to work with”.

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If you are a commissioner or wish to know more about the A2D switch please feel free to get in touch and see how Progress Lifeline can help.