A day in the life of... an Emergency Home Responder

Posted on: 21/09/2023

Emergency Home Responder - My new career after retiring from the Police force.

I retired from the Police 2 years ago after 30 years at the sharp end and to be honest, had no immediate plans to find new work.

However, I kept an eye on the jobs pages, and when the role of Emergency Home Responder with Progress Lifeline was advertised, I had no hesitation to go for it. I had heard good things from other retired colleagues.

The application process was simple and really straightforward, and with my experience of safeguarding within my police role, it wasn't difficult to provide relevant examples of how I could do the job well.

After securing the post, I met the team and had a full induction - the training was first class. The company ensures you are given all the tools and confidence to do your job well. You will work in company until you have completed the training, assisted on call outs and are confident to respond to an emergency.

If you are looking for a new role after retiring from the police, then an Emergency Home responder might just be for you. The processes and policies are simple and easy to follow. You will not struggle with reports given your Police experience.

So what does a shift look like?

You work from home, but with support at the end of the phone if needed.

The call comes in and you drive to attend to the customer. You will have the knowledge and confidence to conduct relevant safety checks with the customer to ensure whether further medical assistance such as an ambulance is needed or not.

If not, and the customer just needs assistance to get up after a fall - you can use a specialist electronic chair. You put it together around the customer - and only needs one person. You will not and do not do any manual lifting. You don't need to and this ensure no further injuries are incurred.

Perhaps the most satisfying part of the role is the positive reaction you get from the customers. It is a million miles away from that in the police. It is just so nice. You make a difference which is appreciated every time.

The company is fantastic. You are always made to feel involved and important.

I wouldn't swap it for anything else .