A message from the family of one of our service users... 

I just wanted to write as I can't believe how fortunate we are to have the Telecare service, and also how efficiently it's run...

My Mum is 91 and has been disabled for some years, first with severe arthritis affecting almost all of her body, and later by strokes. She now also has dementia. Despite all, and with the help of family and carers who come in for an hour a day, she lives independently and very happily at home - I can't see any way this would ever be possible without the service that Telecare provides. 


The first point of contact of the service is friendly, caring, prompt in answering - and extremely efficient.


The Telecare installer put Mum at ease immediately and cracked on straight away installing the equipment in Mum's house.

For a long time now, all Mum's smoke and carbon monoxide alarms have been both provided and monitored by yourselves, along with so much else that is in the background and unnoticed by Mum, but is ultimately a lifeline enabling her to be safe. She was provided with a red button personal pendant alarm, with which for a long time she was fully compliant, but when the dementia set in she started to remove it at night (when it was most essential as she has dizzy spells and is potentially at risk as she shuffles slowly to the loo in the middle of the night with the help of her 3 wheeler).

She was then fitted with a falls alarm which she elected to wear round her neck, and Mum has now adapted to wearing this all the time. 

In addition, telecare sensors in Mum's bed have been set up to automatically call the alarm response centre, and then myself, should Mum be out of bed for more than 20 minutes in the night. This was in anticipation of Mum taking off her falls alarm at night, which she occasionally does, so the sensor system in the bed is an absolute Godsend!

The people on the other end of the line when the alarm is triggered are always - without exception - calm, friendly, and PATIENT in the face of numerous accidental triggers - and pleasant - making my Mum feel safe and protected, and warmly cared for.


Her morning carer and the family always check she is wearing the falls alarm in the morning, and she always is, so we feel we can rest assured that she is safe at home 24 hours a day.

I have no doubt that without Telecare I would need to live with Mum full time, which would mean I couldn't fulfil my caring role with my grandchildren, impacting on the whole family.

Or Mum would be in a home, which she would hate, as she is fiercely independent.

Although she has little short-term memory, she can rely on routine and long-term memory to largely see to her own needs and essentially be as independent as possible.

And very happy indeed.

Once again, a huge thanks.


Elderly Woman And Adult Daughter


For more information about the telecare services provided by Progress Lifeline, visit our website at www.progresslifeline.org.uk or call us on 03333 204 999.

Thanks to Mrs M*, who very kindly sent us this wonderful feedback about our telecare service in Lancashire in 2018, and has kindly allowed us to use it on our website, as a case study, and in social media posts in case it might help other families in similar situations.

*Name anonymised to protect the privacy of the individuals