Five Frequently Asked Questions about Personal Alarms

Are you considering a personal alarm and/or telecare sensors for you or your family?

Then read on for the answers to some of Progress Lifeline's frequently asked questions about personal alarms, remote home monitoring, emergency home response, lifting services and telecare sensors in Lancashire. Find out how you can live safely and independently in your own home for longer.


1. What is a personal alarm?

A Progress Lifeline personal alarm is a personal emergency alert button that can be worn either as a pendant round the neck or on your wrist. Progress Lifeline personal alarms are part of a remote home monitoring service, monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by our Progress Lifeline monitoring centre based in Lancashire.

In the event of an emergency at home, you press your personal pendant alarm button which alerts our 24 hour monitoring centre in Lancashire. Our team of Progress Lifeline monitoring centre operators will contact the emergency services, family members, carers or neighbours who will then attend your property to help you in an emergency.

Personal alarms may also be called personal alert buttons, personal pendant alarms or lifeline alarms.

A personal alarm helps maintain your independence and can keep you living safely in your own home for longer.

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2. Who can have a personal alarm?

Personal alarms are ideal for people who are older or elderly who want to live independently in their own homes for longer.

However personal alarms aren’t just for the elderly; personal alarms can offer peace of mind, safety and greater independence to people of all ages including people who live alone, people who may be at risk of falling at home or who are worried about falling at home, vulnerable adults or adults with disabilities who want to maintain their independence, and people who have recently been discharged from hospital.

People experiencing domestic abuse, harassment or worried about bogus callers will also gain peace of mind from a personal alarm and remote home monitoring system.

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3. How does a personal alarm work?

The Progress Lifeline personal alarm and remote home monitoring service works via a lifeline base unit, which connects to both a power socket and telephone socket, and a personal pendant alarm button, which is a red alarm button you can wear round the neck as a pendant or on a wristband. The personal pendant alarm button should be worn all day at home, including in the bathroom (it’s waterproof) and out in the garden (the red button pendant alarm works up to 50m away from the lifeline base unit).

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If you feel unwell, have an accident, fall, or need reassurance at home, you press the personal pendant alarm button which connects you to the Progress Lifeline monitoring centre in Lancashire within seconds.

The operator will speak to you via the microphone and speakers on the lifeline base unit to establish what kind of help you need before contacting your named emergency contacts (your family, carers, friends or neighbours) and will also call the emergency services if required.

The operator will keep checking on you via the lifeline system to provide reassurance to you until help arrives at your property. The lifeline microphone and speakers are highly sensitive and will pick up your voice even when you're in another room to the base unit. If you are unable to speak, the operators at the monitoring centre will still send help to your property.

Our Progress Lifeline Emergency Home Responders provide an extra level of care and peace of mind once you press your personal pendant alarm, especially if your family live some distance away and would be unable to come to your property to help you in an emergency or if you fall. Read more about the Emergency Home Response service offered by Progress Lifeline here.

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4. Why should I choose Progress Lifeline for a personal alarm?

Progress Lifeline is one of the leading personal alarm providers in Lancashire, delivering personal alarm and telecare services to over 20,000 customers throughout Lancashire for over 28 years. Progress Lifeline support people to stay in their own homes by offering independent living solutions and a 24/7 monitored alarm response service which gives customers and their families’ peace of mind.

Progress Lifeline is a platinum member of the TEC Services Association (TSA), the regulatory body for Technology Enabled Care Services (TECS). 

All Progress Lifeline customers receive a free of charge home installation, ensuring that the personal alarm equipment is installed correctly and tested with the monitoring centre. Our friendly and expert Progress Lifeline installers will explain the personal alarm service to you in person and answer any questions you may have.


Your installers Patrick and Tom were wonderful. Both worked efficiently and professionally throughout the installation. Patrick has a lovely manner and was very clear in his instructions. Thank you for everything today. New Progress Lifeline customer - 7th March 2018


Progress Lifeline also offers a variety of telecare solutions such as property exit sensors, gas, flood and carbon monoxide detectors, and falls detectors, all of which are expertly installed free of charge. The telecare sensors are ideal for people living with dementia or memory loss, epilepsy, or for people who are disabled, older, elderly or vulnerable as they automatically send an alert to the monitoring centre should they detect an emergency situation such as a fire, gas, carbon monoxide or a vulnerable person leaving the property in the middle of the night. Find out more about our telecare sensors here.

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The Progress Lifeline Emergency Home Response and lifting service offers help, support and peace of mind for people who fall frequently without injury, people who are worried about falling at home, or for people who live alone and don’t have any family, friends or neighbours living close by who would be able to help in the event of a fall, accident or emergency. Find out more about our Emergency Home Response and lifting service here.

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5. How much does the Progress Lifeline personal alarm and home monitoring service cost?

The Progress Lifeline personal alarm service with 24 hour home monitoring costs £3.60 per week.

The Progress Lifeline personal alarm service with 24 hour home monitoring plus the Emergency Home Response and lifting service costs £5.10 per week.

The Progress Lifeline personal alarm service with 24 hour home monitoring plus telecare sensors starts at just £5.10 per week. Please see our pricing guide for more information about telecare packages in Lancashire.

All Progress Lifeline services and packages include free of charge home installation across Lancashire by our expert personal alarm installation team.

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The Progress Lifeline personal alarm and emergency home monitoring service is available to all households in Lancashire in the North West of England.