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A quick and easy way

...for the people you need to access your home


KeySafe provides a quick and easy way for family members, care workers, emergency services, our emergency home responders and other people that you authorise to gain access to your home without delay.

A small wall-mounted metal box with a secure combination lock, KeySafe enables your keys to be stored securely outside your home. Only people you trust can gain access to your key.

Installation of a KeySafe will eliminate the need for forced entry in an emergency and the subsequent cost of repairing any damage caused.

We can supply and install a KeySafe at your property for a one-off charge of £55 (this is reduced to £45 if installed at the same time as the Progress Lifeline unit) or you can choose to buy and install one yourself. 

If you decide to upgrade your Lifeline plan to include our emergency home response and lifting service, you will require a KeySafe to allow our responders access to your property.


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