Telecare uses the latest smart technology to automatically and remotely monitor real time activity that may indicate an unsafe or uncomfortable situation. Discrete wireless sensors in the home are be linked to our 24 hour response centre or a nominated person. If a problem occurs, this triggers the alarm to our response centre, a relative or key holder. We can provide the service in any home, regardless of the size, layout or location of the property – all that is needed is a connected landline telephone. 

We offer a service that is matched to specific needs and will assist with safe and independent living by helping to manage potential hazards.  

For example, we can help with:

  • Medication and dosage reminders
  • Dealing with unwanted visitors and bogus callers
  • Reassurance via 24 hour contact to our friendly team

The sensors can detect situations that may be dangerous or uncomfortable, alerting our response centre so they can trigger an appropriate response to any of the following:

  • Flooding from overflowing sinks and baths
  • Fire risk from unattended cookers
  • Gas leaks, smoke and unsafe levels of carbon monoxide
  • Epileptic seizures
  • Leaving the home
  • Doors that are left open
  • Extremes in temperature
  • Falls
  • Getting up in the night
  • Periods of inactivity


Support for people living with dementia and memory loss

Tailored packages to give people the support and confidence they need to live in their own home.

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Support for people with a learning disability

Empowering people with learning disabilities to have more choice and control over their lives.

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Support if you live with a chronic or acute condition

Reassurance and support to help reduce hospital stays

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Our full range of sensors

Explore our full range of environmental, personal safety and well being sensors

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Support for carers

Peace of mind and practical support that the person you are looking after is safe in their own home

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Real stories

Real stories of how Telecare has helped people

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