WorkSafe is a loneworker monitoring facility which allows people who work alone to receive regular check-up calls from the monitoring software. If the loneworker fails to respond then an alarm is raised and the appropriate action taken.

Working alone in remote locations or with unfamiliar people leaves your staff vulnerable to violent or dangerous situations. A survey by the Suzy Lamplugh Trust found that one in 10 people who work alone have been punched, kicked or suffered some other form of violent attack. Solitary workers also suffer from higher incidents of work-related stress, increased absenteeism and low morale.

Monitoring your staff can help you to fulfil your moral and legal obligations as an employer and enhance your business performance. Employers who use monitoring systems report improved staff confidence and morale, increased productivity, reduced incidents of violence, stress related illness and physical injury, and lower insurance premiums.>

We are an established and reputable provider to the Public Sector with over 25 years experience in providing emergency monitoring services to employees, the elderly, infirm or vulnerable.

We deliver a consistently high standard of customer service, and our dedicated response centre in Leyland handles over 260,000 calls a year. WORKSAFE offers a competitively priced service with no minimum order or contract, FREE training if required, and it does not require specialist equipment or expertise. 

WORKSAFE is one of the North West’s leading 24/7 monitoring solutions for the protection of lone-working staff.

As an organisation, we have been safeguarding the health, safety and well being of individuals for over 25 years. We are a not-for-profit, charitable organisation, which means we can offer WORKSAFE at an extremely competitive price.


Any member of staff who finds themselves working alone on business premises, working outside normal working hours, working away from a fixed base or working with unfamiliar people or in isolated situations can benefit from WORKSAFE. This includes service engineers, estate agents and insurance staff, drivers, health and social workers, security staff, trades people, support workers and housing officers.

Employers have responsibilities for the health, safety and welfare at work of their employees and the health and safety of those affected by the work, e.g. visitors, such as contractors and self-employed people who employers may engage.

These responsibilities cannot be transferred to people who work alone. It is the employer’s duty to assess risks to lone workers and take steps to avoid or control risk where necessary.


Download the HSE Guide to Working Alone Safely

WORKSAFE uses any standard mobile phone and requires very little training. The lone worker logs the location and timing of their appointment via the WORKSAFE automated service by entering a unique PIN number.

If the lone worker does not check in at their preferred interval, the service will call the mobile phone three times. If there is no response or the mobile is switched off, the WORKSAFE emergency control centre will be alerted and will notify the lone worker's emergency contact. At any time, the lone worker can also raise an alarm call at the control centre from their mobile.

We are a not-for-profit organisation so we can offer WORKSAFE at an extremely competitive price. There is a registration fee of £15 per person and the service costs as little as £2.20 per person per week, with no minimum contract or order. They also receive up to two hours FREE training on sign up

We can also help you to fulfil your moral and legal obligations as an employer. No specialist equipment or complicated training is required; just a standard mobile phone and PIN number.

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