If you have been the subject of abusive or threatening language or behaviour in your community then you may have been a victim of harassment.

Often repetitive, harassment can be very disturbing and can make someone feel very unsafe in their own home and neighbourhood.

Harassment could also include things like repeated or forceful visits from door to door salespeople or unwanted cold calls.

Progress Lifeline aims to give people their confidence back by providing them with the peace of mind that help is always at hand and is only ever the push of a button away. If a problem occurs then you can alert our control centre and we can call the emergency services if required.

We can provide the service in any home regardless of the size, layout or location of the property – all that is needed is a connected landline telephone.

Progress Lifeline aims to deliver packages that help people with a range of needs to live independently and confidently in their own home.

The cost for our starter package is £3.60 per week. This includes:

  • The Progress Lifeline unit
  • Personal alarm pendant or wristband
  • Complete maintenance and servicing of the equipment
  • 24 hour monitoring and regular assessments.

More enhanced packages are available from £5.00 per week and include the starter package plus a choice of sensors from our range.

There is a one-off installation charge of £20 for the service and up to £40 depending on the package you choose.

The service may be available for free or at a reduced cost for those people in receipt of certain benefits.

For a free demonstration please contact us.

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